Top 10 Best Weight Gain Foods

In this article, we will tell you top 10 best weight gain foods. Incomplete food, long-term eating intervals, consuming less food and doing more than it is one of the reasons for weight loss. Other causes may be due to diseases such as chronic disease, tuberculosis, cancer, hormonal imbalance and anorexia nervosa. Equivalent and slow growth in weight are always advised. We should maintain our weight according to our age, gender and height. If you also lose weight and cause laughter in front of others, instead of being disappointed, take some such foods that increase your weight. We know some high-calorie proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fat foods that will help you to gain weight. Avoid as much weight as possible by increasing weight gain in the markets, and regularly consume the foods we eat.

10. Banana

Banana-weight gain foods

If you want to increase your weight immediately, take it. By eating two or more bananas daily, your digestive system will also good.

9. Egg

Egg-weight gain foods

Eggs contain vitamin A, D and some nutrients such as magnesium, sodium and potassium. Which is helpful for weight gain.

8. Milk Cream

Milk Cream-weight gain foods

It is very easy to make milk cream at home. All you have to do is to boil the milk and then leave it for 30 minutes to cool. Now the layer that comes up is creamy. There will be more thick layer cream in full-fat milk. The quantity of cream depends on the type of milk. Milk cream increases your weight faster.

7. Walnuts

Walnuts-weight gain foods

Walnuts have necessary monounsaturated fat which provides healthy calories in high doses. Eating 20 grams of walnuts daily will weight gain fast. Walnuts are the best weight gain foods for you.

6. Brown Rice

Brown Rice-weight gain foods

Brown Rice is the source of a healthy dose of carbohydrate and fibre. The brown rice is a stock of carbohydrate, so regular eating it will gain weight faster.

5. Potato

Potato-weight gain foods

Potato is a good source of carbohydrate and complex sugars. By eating more, the amount of fat in the body increases. And eat it after baking, then the weight grows very quickly.

4. Raisin

Raisin-weight gain foods

In the raisins, 99% of the calories are found in the grain and fibre is also found in very good quantity. It converts body fat to healthy calories. I think Raisin is the best weight gain foods.

3. Beans

Beans-weight gain foods

Those who are vegetarian and do not eat non-veg, there is no better option than beans for them. In a bowl of beans, there are 300 calories. It does not only help to increase the weight but also helps innutritious.

2. Cottage Cheese

Cottage Cheese-weight gain foods

The best advantage of Cheese is that it strengthens your bones and teeth, as well as a great source of calcium and phosphorus. Consumption of cheese daily is very helpful in preserving the problems of bones, joint pain and tooth decay. Cheese is also a better weight gain foods.

1. Almonds

Almonds-weight gain foods

These almonds are the essential food for the development of nerves, but it can be used as a good alternative to weight gain. If you eat almonds a handful every day, then you will help in the stability of body functions and nerves.

Top 10 Best Weight Gain Foods


2.Cottage Cheese




6.Brown Rice


8.Milk Cream



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