Top 10 Smallest Animal in the World

Today we will discuss the Smallest animal in the world, they are so small that you can not see them in the eyes, but they are so beautiful and intelligent. Generally, big, small and medium species of animals live on the earth, but small animals are an important thing made of God. We all know animals, maintained the world’s balance, so the animals occupy an important role in our world. Today, the animals we talk about they are too small to see and we have mentioned them from different categories. We hope that you will find enough important information from this list. Let’s take a look.

These are the Smallest Animal in the World


Paedocypris-Smallest Animal in the World

Paedocypris is the world’s smallest fish. Its length is 7.9 millimetres. This type of fish is found in Sumitra Iceland, of Indonesia.

2. Thread Snake

Thread Snake-Smallest Animal in the World

Thread Snake is the second smallest animal and the smallest snake all over the world. It’s Length 11 centimetre. Thread snakes are seen in North America, Africa, and Asia. This snake is very beautiful to see.

3. kitti’s hog-nosed bat

hog nosed bat-Smallest Animal in the World

kitty’s hog-nosed bat is the third smallest animal in the earth, the height of this animal is 30-40 millimetres and weight is 1 to 2 grams. These animals live in the limestone cave, in a cave 100 to 200 animals live together because this animal cannot live alone.

4. Bee hummingbird

Bee hummingbird-Smallest Animal in the World

Bee Hummingbird is the smallest bird in the world, its length is 6 centimetres, and weight is 2 grams. These birds survive 2-3 years; Their favourite food is flowers, honey.

5. Speckled Padloper Tortoise

Speckled padloper tortoise-Smallest Animal in the World

Speckled padloper, the world’s one of the smallest animal. These animals are seen in South Africa, Their height 6 to 10 centimetres, and weight range is 95 to 160 grams, their colour is light brown.

6. Etruscan shrew

Etruscan shrew-Smallest Animal in the World

According to its size, we put it at the sixth position in our list. Etruscan shrew is a very small animal but it is very beautiful to see. The weight of this animal is 1.2 to 3.8 grams. This animal lives two years only.

7. Paedophryne amanuensis

Paedophryne amanuensis-Smallest Animal in the World

Paedophryne amanuensis is the seventh Smallest animal all over the world. This animal is the smallest of the frog species. Their size is 7.6 mm, and weights range from 1 to 1.5 grams.

8. Madame Berthe’s mouse lemur

mouse lemur-Smallest Animal in the World

Madame Berthe’s mouse is one of the Smallest animal in the world, body length of this animal is 92 millimetres and its weight is 30 grams. The animal is seen Kirindy mites national park in Western Madagascar.

9. pygmy marmoset

pygmy marmoset-smaillest animals in the world

Pygmy marmoset one of the smallest monkey in the world. pygmy marmoset found in rainforest canopies of Brazil, Columbia, and Bolivia. These animals range from 14-16 centimetres and their weight 15 grams. This animal lives for 12 years.

10. Pygmy rabbit

Pygmy rabbit-Smallest Animal in the World

The pygmy rabbit is the 10th smallest animal all over the world. Pygmy rabbit found in North America. body length of this animal is 25-30 centimetres and its weight is 400 grams. This animal lives in the soil. This animal lives for 3-5 years.

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