Top 10 Most Expensive Diamond in the World

The glow of diamonds attracts everyone. The price of diamonds is very high, which is not the case for everyone to buy, but in diamonds, there are many diamonds that come in the count of the most expensive diamond. Today we are going to tell you about some of the world’s diamonds that are the world’s most expensive diamonds.

10. The Millennium Star

The Millennium dimond-Most expensive Diamond

Carat: 203.04

Country: the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Year: 1990

D-beer bought this beautiful diamond after the discovery. After that, the company of Esquot Diamond, the member company of the Diamond Company Steinmetz Group, took 3 years to reap its harvest and size. Deer Beer’s late chairman Harry Offenheimer said about this diamond that “this is the most beautiful diamond seen in my life”.

9. The Red Cross

The Red Cross diamond-Most expensive Diamond

Carat: 205.07

Country: South Africa

Year: 1905

This beautiful diamond is known for its yellow colour. This diamond of 205.07 carats was cut in the shape of a pillow. This was a rare diamond of its kind.

8. The D-beer

The de-beer-Most expensive Diamond

Carat: 234.65

Country: South Africa

Year: 1888

These diamonds were discovered in South Africa in 1988. The largest diamond was found in the Kimberly campus and it is the 8th largest and most expensive diamond in the world.

7. The Jubilee

The Jubilee-Most expensive Diamond

Carat: 245.35

Country: South Africa

Year: 1985

In 1895 received the Jubilee diamond Jegrsfonten Mines of South Africa. In fact the Jubilee diamond is known as Ritz, Actually, this name was found in the name of President Francis William Ritz of South Africa’s Free State Province.

6. The Centenary

The Centenary-Most expensive Diamond

Carat: 273.85

Country: South Africa

Year: 1986

Another prized diamond of the D-beer that was discovered on July 17, 1986. Its original stone was 599 carats. At present, its owner, location and its price are not estimated. But in 1991 it was valued at $ 100 million.

5. The Spirit of Grisogno

The Spirit of Grisogno-Most expensive Diamond

Carat: 312.24

Country: Central African Republic

Year: unknown

The spirit of the Grisogono can be judged by the fact that it is the world’s fifth most expensive diamond and the world’s first largest black diamond. This diamond was found in the Western Central African Republican. Today this diamond is in the white gold ring. Around 702 white diamonds are inlaid and weigh 36.69 carats.

4. The Cullinan II

The Cullinan II-Most expensive Diamond

Carat: 317.14

Country: South Africa

Year: 1905

The Cullinan II was the second largest cut piece from the Cullinan stone of 3106 carats. King Edward made it part of the royal crown of the treasure. Its estimated cost was $ 40 million. The Cullinan II is set for exhibition in London.

3. The Incredible

The Incredible-Most expensive Diamond

Carat: 407.48

Country: the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Year: 1980

There is a special story behind this diamond, according to which during the 1984 Democratic Republic of Congo, a child was playing with this diamond near a debris. Its estimated cost is $ 2 million. It is one of the most expensive diamond.

2. The Kalinin I

The Klinin I-Most expensive Diamond

Carat: 530.20

Country: South Africa

Year: 1905

Its second name was “Star of Africa”. This was the largest part of the nine parts cut by the actual Kulin. This pear-shaped diamond was 530.20 carats. It is the second largest diamond found in the world.

1. The Golden Jubilee

The Golden Jubilee-Most expensive Diamond

Carat: 547.67

Country: South Africa

Year: 1985

The diamond found in South Africa in 1985 is considered very special. This diamond more than 545 carats is the world’s largest cut diamond multilayer diamond.

These are The Most Expensive Diamond in the World

1. The Golden Jubilee

2.The Kalinin I

3.The Incredible

4.The Cullinan II

5.The Spirit of Grisogno

6.The Centenary

7.The Jubilee

8.The D-beer

9.The Red Cross

10.The Millennium Star

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