Top 10 Largest House in the World

Today we are talking about Top 10 Largest house in the world. So these were the 10 most expensive luxury homes in the world. Since these houses are among the world’s fewest richest people, therefore every luxury is present in it, but it does not mean that the houses we live in have no cost?

10. Mountain home road

Mountain home road-Largest house in the world

This house of Soft Bank CEO Masayoshi Son is located in Mountain Home Road, California. Masayoshi is a Japanese businessman. Built-in 9,000 square feet, this house is of neoclassic style, in which a swimming pool is built in 1117 sq ft and there is also a modern library attached to it.

9. Xanadu 2.0

Xanadu 2.0-Largest house in the world

By the name, you must have understood that this house belongs to any software person. Yes, this is Bill Gates’s house. Spread over 66 square feet, this house has a superb swimming pool, there is also an underwater music system that makes it special. This is one of the most expensive and largest house in the world.

8. Blossom estate

Blossom estate-Largest house in the world

Very beautiful, Ken Griffin, owner of this home built in Palm Beach, Florida. He is America’s leading hedge fund manager. The Atlantic Ocean on one side of the house and the Giant Tennis Court on the other side. This home is equipped with all amenities, including private movie halls, ballrooms and spa.

7. Kensington Palace Garden

Kesceton Palace Gardens-Largest house in the world

This house of Roman Abramovich, owner of Chelsea Football Club, is also located in Kensington Gardens London. In this 15-bedroom house, there is also a personal museum, in which six vintage Ferrari of Roman is kept.

6. Alison Estate

Alison Estate-Largest house in the world

This house owner is Larry Ellison, the founder of software company Oracle. Spanning 9300 sqm, the price of this house is estimated to be around $ 200 million. Located on the shores of Lake Tahoe, this house is very beautiful and has all the modern facilities in it.

5. Hyde Park

Hyde Park-Largest house in the world

This is actually an apartment whose seventh and eighth floor was bought by Ukrainian billionaire Rinat Akhmetov for $ 22 million in 2011. Presented in London’s Knightsbridge area, the interior of these two floors is amazing.

4. Kensington Palace Garden

Kesceton Palace Gardens-Largest house in the world

Indian-origin international business and steel king Lakshmi Mittal had purchased this house in 2008 at 11.87 million pounds. The London area where this house is located is considered the most expensive residential area in the world.

3. Fairfield

Fairfield-Largest house in the world

Spread over 63 acres, this house is America’s largest residential compound. The owner of this luxurious apartment is a billionaire Ira Renault. This house has 29 bedrooms, 39 bathrooms and three swimming pools. Its current price is estimated to be around 25 million dollars.

2. Villa Leopolda

Villa leopolold-Largest house in the world

This house of Brazilian billionaire Lily Saaffa is present on the shore of a small French city, Wilfenke Suramer. It was built by King Leopold II of Belgium in the 1890s. This house is famous all over the world for its natural environment. You will be surprised to know that 50 million rupees are spent annually on gardening in this house.

1. Antilia

Antilia-Largest house in the world

It is the home of Mukesh Ambani, India’s richest person. This 27-storey building is known as the world’s most expensive and largest house in the world, which worth almost $ 22 billion.

Its design was designed by Chicago architect Parkinson & Bill and constructed by an Australian company. There are a cinema theatre and bar in this house and all the cutting-edge facilities that you can think of.

These are the Top 10 Largest House in the world


2.Villa Leopold


4.Kensington Palace Garden

5.Hyde Park

6.Alison Estate

7.Kensington Palace Garden

8.Blossom estate

9.Xanadu 2.0

10.Mountain home road

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