Jessica Alba Biography and Life Story

Perhaps, almost every fan, modern cinema knows who is Jessica Alba. Actress filmography includes popular projects like “Dark Angel”, “Good Luck, Chuck” and “City of Sins”. Therefore, many fans are interested in biography and celebrity work.

General information about this actress

Jessica Alba

The future star was born in the city of Pomona, in which the state of California, April 28, 1981. She first appeared in television in 1994. Today, this actress has many feature films as well as serials, which are known worldwide.

Jessica is regularly seen on the cover of regular publications and is on the list of the most beautiful women on the planet. Jessica Alba married in 2007. She is a happy mother of two daughters.

Years of childhood

Jessica Alba

As already mentioned, actress Jessica Alba was born in Albacallia. Her mother, Katherine Jensen, is French-Canadian and Danish roots. And Mark Alba, an American father of Mexican descent, worked for the American Air Force, so the family often moved from town to city. By the way, Jessica has Joshua’s younger brother.

In fact, the childhood of the future famous person is impossible, it is easy to say it. The fact is that the girl was often ill. In one of the interviews, her parents told that the child is suffering from pneumonia 4-5 times per year. In addition, it decreased in the proportion of lung (atelectasis), as well as a chest on the pencil. Little Jessica also suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder syndrome for some time. The girl did not have practically any friends, because in hospitals she had spent more time in the street or school. Still, thanks to the treatment, Jessica’s health improved, after which the family moved back to California.

The beginning of an acting career

Jessica Alba

In fact, acting art was interested in the age of three years. And when she was 12, she took part in her first lesson in acting. Jessica graduated from High School at the age of 16, after which she participated in courses at the Atlantic Theater Company’s theatrical studio, where her mentor and teacher William Massey and his wife Felicity Huffman were.

At about the same time, the young actress began to appear on the American TV screen for the first time. In particular, she appeared in many advertisements. If you are interested in the first films with Jessica Alba, her first project was “The Lost Camp”, which appeared on the screen in 1994. In the same year, she got a small role in the “Alex Mack’s Secret World” series. She also played in the first two seasons of the television series “Flipper”. By the way, the thirteen-year-old actress stood out from perseverance and diligence.

Of course, there are other films with Jessica Alba. The first act of the actress includes “South Brooklyn” (1998), where actress Melissa Hart played. By the way, the young actress also participated in the filming of the cult series “Beverly Hills”, where she received the role of Lynn, and also played a part of Lele in two episodes of “Love Boats”. In 1999, with the participation of a young actress, horror comedy appeared on “The Hand-Killer” screen.

Series “The Dark Angel” and worldwide popularity

In the career of a young actress, a real success became the series “Dark Angel”, whose first episode was released on October 3, 2000, on the American television screen. James Cameron chose Jessica for the lead role of Max Guevara

Here young actress played genetically a better super-cop. Some more victims of Max and Scientific experiments managed to escape from the “mechanic” group. By avoiding catching, the main heroine needs to be adjusted in the normal life of an average person.

By the way, for this role, the actress received many awards. After Max’s role, she became known as a TV actress all over the world. By the way, the series lasted for two seasons – it was closed in 2002.

Jessica Alba: Filmography

Jessica Alba

In 2001, this actress starred in Melodrama “Intimate Dictionary”. This film will tell the story of young Englishman John Trotto, who comes to the colony of Sarawak and becomes acquainted with the original Selima.

In 2003, a young melodrama called “Bunting” music. Here, Jessica plays the role of Honey Daniels, a Barbie and a talented dancer who wants to open a dance school for children of unsafe families.

There are also other famous films in Hagencica Alba starred “City of Sinus” – a crime thriller released in 2005. Here, the actress played a prostitute Nancy. The same year saw the thriller “Fantastic Four”, where Jessica got the role of invisible female Susan Hurricane. By the way, in 2007, the second part of the film was released.

In 2007, another premiere also was a famous movie starring Jessica Alba. “Greetings, Chuck” – A comedy-melodrama about a romantic boy who was cursed as a child – Every girl who sleeps with her immediately gets “soul mates” and gets married. Here Jessica got the role of Cam Vascular, in which Chuck fell in love.

In 2010, the film “The Killer Inside Me” appeared, where actress Joyce Lackland played. In the same year, she won the role of Morley Clarkson in the romantic Melodrama “Valentine’s Day”.

New films featuring Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba

Of course, the actress does not stop active. And if you are interested in Best Films with Jessica Alba, you should see “Spides Kids: All the Time of the World”, which was released in 2011. By the way, this is the first movie in the history of cinema, which has been shot in the 4D format. Here, Jessica played former spy Marisa Cortez Wilson.

In 2013, the thrash thriller “Makhay” appeared in the mirror, “Where the actress played a small role for Sartana Riviera, however, in 2014, with the participation of an actress, many films have been planned to release, in particular, A picture on the screen will be “especially dangerous”, where Jessica will play Victoria Knox – Trainer of children-specific agents. In August 2014, planned exit “Sin City: A woman It is worth killing. ”

Personal life of the actress

Jessica Alba

Naturally, every American journalist knows who is Jessica Alba. Filmography of the actress, of course, is interested in Paparazzi, but not less than her personal life. For example, the first serious relationship with a girl who started in 2000. Then the young actress starred in the “Dark Angel” series, where she met Michael Weatherly, who played the role of cyberjournalist Logan Keela.

This novel created a hot debate and consistency, the main theme of discussion in the press was the difference between a great era (Michael is bigger than Jessica for twelve years). This actress has repeatedly said that age is not an important factor or interference for her. Weatherdale offered to the girl, and she agreed. But in August 2003, the couple announced a break in the relationship.

And in 2004, Jessica, who had worked on the project “Fantastic Four” met Cash Warren, who worked there as assistant director. In 2007, the couple announced their engagement, and on May 19, 2008, Jessica and Cash married in Los Angeles. In June 2008, the couple had a daughter, Honor Mari, and in August 2011 – another daughter, named Haven Garner.

Charitable activity

Jessica Alba

In fact, there are many other projects on which Jessica Alba works. Of course, the actress’s filmography is interesting, but it is worth considering her charitable work. For example, in 2005, she participated in the AMFAR project, which was organized to help people with AIDS. In Oklahoma City, in the year 2009, the actress hangs many posters with sharks around the city in hopes of attracting public attention when the white shark is gone.

Apart from this, Jessica is a member of the public, various foundations and donations, including the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, as well as Clothes of Our Back, Project Home and 1 Goyle, which educate children in Africa. During the presidential election in 2008 (where actress supported Barack Obama), the actress took part in photography to strengthen the political activity of young people. And in 2011, with other lobbyists, emphasizing the amendment of the law on the control of poisonous substances.

Jessica Alba Awards

Jessica Alba

During her career, the actress got a very prestigious award and nomination. Specifically, in 2001, for her role of Max, she was awarded Best TV Actress. In the same year, she received the award as “The Promising Actress of the Year”. She received “Best Actress” and “Breakthrough of the Year” and many nominations for the series “The Dark Angel”. “Best Female Role in the Film” “Intimate Dictionary” is a reward for Selima’s role. In 2005 She received the award as “The Future Superstar”. And for the film “City of Scenes”, she received the “Sex actor’s play” award. By the way, for some roles, the actress was nominated three times for “Golden Raspberry”.

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