Top 10 Interesting Facts About Animals

Interesting facts about animals are truly very good to be known. We all till today are very much curious to know the most hidden interesting facts about the animals because those people who are animals lovers always busy to seek and find out some unknown facts about the animals. The interesting facts about the animals help us know some strange behaviors of the animals would also make us grow interested more towards animals world to whom we don’t find them available to us.

These are the 10 Interesting Facts About Animals


Ant-Interesting facts about animals

There are usually 12,000 species of ants on the earth. It has been proved that the ants have no ear. Some queens ants can live for a few years and they give many babes. Ants are seen everywhere in the world.


Spider-Interesting facts about animals

In our list Interesting facts about animals, the spider is number nine. Spider is not insects, we can call it arachnids Because the insects have six legs but the spider has 8 legs. There are usually 40000 kinds of spiders in the world, and the spider is seen in almost all the continents.


kangaroo-Interesting facts about animals

Generally, these species are of four types, their height usually two meters, and they can run very fast, they can run about 65 kilometers per hour. Generally, most kangaroo is seen in Australia and Kangaroo is also known as the national symbol of Australia. Kangaroo’s hearing is much more than the other animals and their ears and head are different from other animals.


Ostrich-Interesting facts about animals

Ostrich One of the largest birds in the world, these birds usually live in groups, they can run much faster than other birds, and even run more than a horse. They can run 70 kilometers per hour. They can survive many days without drinking water.


Hummingbird-Interesting facts about animals

General, y 300 species of hummingbirds are seen in the world. Only eight types of them are seen in the United States. Hummingbird is known for small birds of the world. They are one to two inches tall and their weight four to five grams.


Dog-Interesting facts about animals

The dog is my most favorite animal. Dogs usually love to play hide and see, if you did call your dog by name, then he will be looking for you. Dogs usually grow up to five months old. When they are happy, they shake their tail. Dogs can usually remember about 1500 words. The smallest dog in the world is Chihuahua, and the biggest dog name is Irish Wolfhounds.


Butterflies-Interesting facts about animals

Butterflies are insect species. They usually live from one week to one year depending on their species. Butterflies usually love to eat honey of flowers. Typically there are 20,000 different species of butterflies in the world.


Elephant-Interesting facts about animals

Elephants are one of the largest animals in the world, such as a mammal that can not jump. Elephants usually live for more than 70 years, usually weight between 40 – 50 pounds, The elephants play, crying and they know how to laugh. Their retention is higher than other animals.


Cat-Interesting facts about animals

The cat is a very beautiful creature. It is very nice to see. If you know it, do not believe that the cat loves to drink seawater but they cannot tolerate sweet foods. Some cats have fingers like the man.


Tiger-Interesting facts about animals

Tigers are the largest creatures of cat species. Tigers are known as Indian national animals, they can easily jump over 6 meters.

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