How Many People are in the World

People & people all around as “world population” is increasing in a huge rate day by day so it has become a thing of concern

What the stats are saying

How many of you have ever thought of that “how many people are in the world” because we all are a part of it? According to the stats we have 7.7 billion people in the world right now which is a very big figure & this rate is increasing day by day. The total birth ratio with the total population is called natality & the total death ratio with the total population is called mortality. The fatality rate is increasing day by but & the mortality rate is decreasing day by day. Because of this the population of the whole world is increasing day by day that too in a huge rate because in 2000 the total population of the world was around 5 billion & now it has increased to 7.7 billion, just in one decade the growth of population is around 2 billion so definitely the growth of world population has become a thing of concern these days because if it  goes on increasing like this then we will get into a big trouble in future, so let’s have a look then, what are the consequences of it.

How many people are in the world

Consequences of population growth

How many people are there in the world right now wasn’t a thing of concern before 1 or 2 decades but today this has become a big problem just like global warming & pollution & various steps were taken by various countries to stop this population boom. If we talk about the population contribution then only China & India has the 45% population of the whole world, China being no.1 in population & India being 2nd & China has around 1.45 billion of population & India has around 1.34 billion of a population. The main problem with this huge population is lack of food, water & land, so they have to arrange basic things for their countrymen according to “how many people in the world”. As we all know that the water crisis is spreading everywhere so we need to think about it that with the increase in population, they will not even get the most basic things of living. Because of the crisis of food, the price of the food can go even high which will not be affordable for many people & this financial crisis can even lead to the financial crisis of the whole country which will completely destroy the economy of that country, so the population of all the countries should be controlled.

How to stop population growth

First of all, we need to educate people about the birth controls & other measures, they have to know that if the population keep of growing then who devasting it could be for the whole society. We have to tell them about 2 child policy that each couple should have 2 children not more than that & if possible then have 1 child only because we have to make the population as low as possible because then only we can grow fast & the poverty rate will also decline & with it you should also know that “how many people are in the world right now”. Increasing in population is also increasing the poverty because the way of earning is limited & more & more people are indulging for a single work, for 1 vacant post hundreds of people come to get the job which shows that there are many people out there who need job but if you have less population then this crisis will not happen & everyone will have at least one source of income.

Birth control measures

There are many ways of birth control measures & we need to take them because this population boom will not decrease otherwise. Sex education holds its position at the top in birth controls because this is the best way to acknowledge people to adopt 1 child or 2 child policy as you should remember “how many people are there in the world”. Other ways of birth controls are; using protective while intercourse, having tubectomy or vasectomy after having 1 or 2 children, in tubectomy the fallopian tubes of the women are stitched so that it doesn’t release ovule & no fertilization takes place & in the same way in vasectomy the pathways through which sperm comes are blocked & these are proved to be very productive.

If the population keeps on increasing

If the population still goes on increasing then this might become the reason for the end of mankind because due to lack of food & water people will insane & will start killing each other to get each other’s food. So we should always remind that “how many people are in the world” so that we always think of how to decrease it because if it doesn’t happen then our future generation will die without food & water & also with lack of water the climate will also change which can turn into such a natural calamity which will prove to be the ending of mankind.

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