Top 10 Endangered Animals For Kids

Today we are talking about endangered animals for kids. World Wildlife Fund has described some species of animals in the world at very high risk. The number of these animals is decreasing due to cut forests and indiscriminately smuggling and hunting, and the risk of them being exposed to extinction.

1. Amur leopard

Amur leopard-endangered animals for kids

This beautiful animal sacrifices for the beautiful fur. This leopard is especially found in Russia and China. Because of the deforestation of forests, they are in difficulties. Their skin sells between 500 and 100 dollars.

2. Black Rhinoceros

Black rhinoceros-endangered animals for kids

Black rhinoceroses are found in Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Cameroon and the surrounding African countries. But they are decreasing rapidly because they are killed for the horn. The 2010 report in South Africa states that 333 rhinos were killed that year. That is, close to one unicorn every day.

3. Cross River gorilla

Cross River gorilla-endangered animals for kids

Another endangered animals for kids. In countries like Niger and Cameron, it is illegal to kill the gorilla of this species. But the law is not strictly enforced. The latest survey says that 200-300 gorillas are left in the world. I.e. with the death of every gorilla, the danger of ending this species is increasing.

4. Hawksbill Turtle

hawksbill turtle-endangered animals for kids

This turtle is killed for skins and meat. From afar, it looks like other tortoises, but its spots are different from it. The campaign to save the turtle found in the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans has been fastened.

5. Sunda Rhinoceros

Sunda Rhinoceros-endangered animals for kids

The number of this animal, which is found especially in India, China and Indonesia, is continuously decreasing. Its horn costs up to $ 30,000 per kg and it is used for a specific drug in China. But because of this the species of rhinoceroses seems to end.

6. Leatherback Turtle

Leatherback turtle-endangered animals for kids

Due to the killing of fish, this turtle started to decrease rapidly. A typical tortoise found in the Atlantic is larger than all turtles. Its food is fish, which are continuously decreasing. Plastics spread over the ocean, it is eating it by mistake, which is causing it to die.

7. Saola

Saola-endangered animals for kids

Another endangered animals for kids. Goat-like this animal is still found in Vietnam and nearby countries. Villagers in Laos caught a Saola in 2010, but as long as the forest officials arrived, it succumbed to it. However, in 2013, it was found that Saola remains still in the wild of Vietnam.

8. Sumatran Elephant

Sumatran elephant-endangered animals for kids

Until two years ago, Sumatran Elephant was put in danger by a threat to ‘severely threatened’ species. Because in the last 20 years it has lost half its population. This was the result of the struggle between the human-elephant. In Sumatra, 70 percent of Sumatra elephants have disappeared in the last 25 years.

9. Sumatran Tiger

Sumatran tiger-endangered animals for kids

It is especially found on Indonesia’s Sumatra Island. According to the 2008 census, there are 441 and 679 more such tigers in the world. Its neighbours Bali and Java Tiger have already been extinct. Bengal Tiger is also in danger.

10. Swan Fish

Swan-endangered animals for kids

This fish animal, similar to some whales and some dolphins, is usually found in the Yangtse River of China. Well, it is also found in India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, China and Japan. But the latest reports tell us that their number is continuously declining.

Top 10 Endangered Animals For Kids

10. Swan Fish

9. Sumatran tiger

8. Sumatran elephant

7. Saola

6. Leatherback turtle

5. Sunda Rhinoceros

4. hawksbill turtle

3. Cross River gorilla

2. Black rhinoceros

1. Amur leopard

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